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“Achieving academic excellence through akhlaq” is our mission at Al Irsyad Satya Islamic school. Academic excellence is instilled through various learning programs for students with the emphasis on quality. To ensure that the learning process achieve international standards, we comprehensively implement the Cambridge curriculum which includes teacher training, learning resources, learning strategies, collaborative learning, presentation skills and the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education). We emphasize to all our students that as Muslims, academic excellence should be balanced with good akhlaq as “Verily, among the best of you are those with the best character” (HR. Tirmidzi and Abu Dawud). In developing students with good akhlaq, all teachers at Al Irsyad Satya are responsible to foster students’ character and discipline. It is hoped that our students can be the khalifah who can serve the Ummah, society, nation and humanity.

The pandemic provided stern challenges for the teachers and students but they have turned them into opportunities to improve their teaching/learning skills in various areas. Teachers and students have been encouraged to adapt and adopt new learning styles. During the pandemic, the teachers explored various learning platforms which have been used to meet the students’ needs for effective learning. Accordingly, digital literacy skills of both teachers and students have significantly improved. The school has improved its information technology capabilities to optimise teaching and learning. These improvements will be consistently maintained to benefit all stakeholders. The school is fully aware of the issue of learning deficit and mental health faced by students, especially adolescent students, in their transition from children to teenagers. Our teachers will continue to guide our students so that they receive the best education possible and help them prepare for the challenges of an uncertain tomorrow.

With the philosophy “Every Child Can”, we believe that every student is unique and every individual is created with their own potential, capacity and aspirations. The teachers at Al-Irsyad Satya are committed to nurture the students’ potential and optimize their capacity. We carry out these duties to seek the blessings of Allah. Our hope is that every student at Al-Irsyad Satya can be a Khalifah fil Ard, and a leader with compassion and Iman to serve the Ummah, the country and humanity. 


Your Sincerely,

A. Gunawan Triwijaya