Al-Irsyad Satya Islamic School is an established Islamic school with a strong commitment to foster the future Khalifah Fil Ardh (The Future Leaders) who serve the Ummah and Humanity based on three main principles, Iman (God-conscious), Ihsan (people-centered), and Itqan (Excellence driven).
We integrated The Cambridge International Curriculum, National Curriculum , and universal Islamic values to
"Achieving Academic Excellence Through Akhlaq”.



Early Childhood Division

Develop and guide the child physically, intellectually and spiritually...


Primary Division


 To nurture a love for academic excellence and akhlaq; confident speakers of English...

Secondary Division


 Instilling a strong sense of God consciousness; equip students...

Junior College Division

Instilling a strong sense of God consciousness; equip students...



Alhamdulillah. In this globalised world, our aim is to inculcate in our students universal Islamic values of peace, compassion, akhlaq, love of knowledge and serving Allah SWT and humanity. In striving for academic excellence, we do not forget that every child is different and needs to be moulded according to his/her special attributes. Accredited by University of Cambridge International Examinations board and other international and local partners, our academic and spiritual programmes are aligned from Early Childhood to the Junior College divisions which reflect continuity, rigour and deep learning. Active learning, collaborative learning and technology in the classrooms ensure that we are up to date with modern pedagogies and our teachers are well trained to deal with the emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of the child. We are committed to care for your child as he/she will grow to be the future global leader and thinker of the Islamic community who will be pious, well rounded and compassionate. They will always be guided by the Al Quran and Ahadith. With Iman (God conscious), Ihsan (People Centred) and Itqan (Excellence Driven), we will prepare your child for the challenges of tomorrow and ensure that he/she strives for the best in this world and the hereafter. May Allah SWT bless us and our children to propagate and protect our deen. Insyallah, join us in our journey.



Scholarship Poedji Koentarso 2024
Secondary Division

Pengumuman Hasil Tes Akademik Beasiswa Poedji Koentarso 2024

AIS - Recruitment 2024
Primary Division

Please send your application and CV to : bit.ly/AIS-recruitment2024