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Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh

The journey in primary education is all about witnessing the development of young children who are full of energetic eagerness to learn and experience new things. This curiosity to learn deserves the best learning ecosystem for them to grow and understand the world around them. Hence, the goal in the primary division is to create strong and literate young khalifah in achieving the school's vision and mission – that is to become the first choice in Islamic international education by means of achieving academic excellence through akhlaq.

Cambridge Primary Checkpoint as our international benchmark provides a strong learning system for students to be critical and logical learners as well as possessing inquiry learning skills. We coach the students to be ready to face the assessments for English as a First Language, Science and Mathematics. This drives the learners to have global perspectives and standards.  It helps them to be more confident and connects them with the rest of the world.  They will not able to compete and collaborate as global citizens. 

We want to inculcate Islamic values and knowledge to all our students.  The training and the habituations of Salah are our foremost program to develop students as pious Muslims. The ability to read the Quran is prepared with the Tilawati method and we have a rigorous training to ensure students reach the standards that are set. Students’ memorization of all surahs in Juz Amma are an important aspect of our Islamic program.  With guidance and training, they will be ready to sit for the Munaqosah Juz 30 which is assessed by professional external examiners to ensure quality control.   Our bilingual Islamic program ensures are students are able to be confident and responsible global citizens who then can spread the beautiful message of Islam to the world.

Academics and spiritual learning must combine with social-emotional learning to have a holistic learning.  In our school, we have developed the Young Khalifa Course or YK Course to ensure are students are well-rounded, compassionate and critical thinking. This weekly program is packed in forms of webinars, dialogue sessions and games that encourage students to get out of their comfort zones and learn how to adapt to new challenges. We also run the Scouting Program and Student Leader Program that provide training for upper primary students to practise life skills and how to handle responsibilities as young leaders. The school’s extra-curricular programs help students explore their passions and develop important soft skills.  These programs are like stairs for the students to reach all the goals for character development.

Our teachers are well-trained and our school has a strong culture in professional development.  We also provide sharing sessions that enable teachers to share their training and experiences in implementing certain methods and applications with other teachers. This becomes a form of learning community where we support one another to be life-long learners and therefore, we are able to help the students face the unexpected challenges from this fast-changing world.

We are more than ready to welcome and serve your children in our school. Together with my team, I am committed to develop them as curious, confident and compassionate  young leaders with strong Islamic values.   


Principal of Primary Division

Deden Rahmat Hidayat